Wendelyn's Bio...

Wendelyn was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and moved to the lower mainland just as I started high school. After graduation moved back to Calgary and began a career as a Legal Secretary. Her family was too far away though, and she moved back to a new job in New Westminster. Where she was taught legal conveyancing and where I stayed until she was 23 years old.

Wendelyn flew for Air Canada for just over 30 years and retired from flying in January of 2004. All of her travels afforded her the opportunity to see the world and experience the texture and feel of many countries. She was in awe of the colours of China and turquoise of the oceans of the Caribbean, the beautiful skylines of New York, London and my own Vancouver. But, her favorite thing to do was rearrange the furniture in the hotel rooms and imagine what my living room would look like if she painted it the same colour as the lobby of the hotel in Seoul, Korea! She began to decorate every room in her home over and over again because she could, and whenever she had the chance to put her “two cents’ worth of advice to anyone decorating, she most certainly did.

It is said that most women will experience three careers in their lifetime and this is her third and she is passionate about it. Just ask the people whom she loves.